The Transition.

A little over a year ago while at graduate school in Wheaton, I did some real informal song writing in my apartment. It was simply me, my guitar, and my mac. I put together some demos of songs I had written using Garage Band. You can check them out below (audio will open in separate window)…I’ll include the lyrics.

Recently, I have made the decision to leave my position as Sr. High Student Ministry Coordinator at the Christian Youth Center in Joliet, to assume a position as Worship Leader at First Baptist Church of Channahon and Bible Teacher (Grades 6-12; Families of Faith Christian Academy). I look forward to this opportunity to serve God, and hopefully continue to write songs that can be sung by the church corporately, focusing their hearts upon Jesus.


Gladness [words&music by Kevin Fiske]

O you righteous raise this shout of praise | “Our God has saved us!” To Him our hands we raise | As He spoke it came to be And His Word gives life to me | CHORUS Sing with gladness to the Lord on High | See His beauty filling up the sky | All creation declares His fame | We stand in wonder of Your great Name | Let the nations all stream in as one | A holy people, made right through Christ the Son | In faith we lift our eyes | And to God our song will rise

©2007 alreadyandnotyet music. all rights reserved.

Holy Lord Most Worthy [words&music by Kevin Fiske]

Together we all sing, to Christ the Lord our King | We give Him everything, He is our covering | CHORUS Jesus Messiah, the saving sacrifice | Holy, holy Lord Most Worthy | You are our heart’s delight | To those once far away, find mercy here today | And rest your weary lives, in Christ the Lord Most High | CHORUS | In power He will come, the righteous reigning One | With Him we all shall be, for all eternity

©2007 alreadyandnotyet music. all rights reserved.

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