This past weekend I had the honor of standing in the wedding of one of the closest friends I have ever had, Pete Hansen. It was a joy to be surrounded by such great people, many of whom have had an incredible impact on my life. Not to mention, as well, the fact that it is always a wonderful experience to be around so many people who love Jesus, and are living for Him everywhere from Hollywood to Wilton Center! Community of that kind is rare today.

Pete, as a friend, has been an insurmountable blessing in my life. His demonstration of consistency in his walk with Jesus, and as a friend, has truly been a blessing to me from the Lord.

My prayers for God’s richest blessing are upon he and Linzi as they begin their life together.

This is a picture of me and my beautiful girlfriend, Susan, at the Narnia Estate…the location of the wedding!

Susan & Me at Pete & Linzi's Wedding

Susan & Me at Pete & Linzi's Wedding


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