TheResurgence Dismantles “The Shack”


Though it’s been “officially” on the shelves of bookstores since July 1, 2008, The Shack continues to maintain its popularity among Christians and non-believers alike.

All the while, The Shack is being “eaten up” by Christians who lack the discernment to see the danger of the subtle theological errors in the book, and sadly even miss the more obvious ones.  In their inability to see these theological errors, sadly some Christians are  “inviting” their non-believing friends to The Shack as a “starting point” in their searching after God.

Though I have offered Tim Challies‘ review of Young’s book for months now, I wanted to post this second offering by Scott Lindsey as was posted on

I hope that by posting these detailed book reviews, Christians will grow in discernment, and be able to critically engage the content of The Shack. Thus, discerning Christians will be able to point those who have visited Young’s best-selling hideaway of theological error to a place of truth and accuracy concerning the Triune God.

Click on the link below to access Scott Lindsey’s detailed review of The Shack:

The Shack Review


One thought on “TheResurgence Dismantles “The Shack”

  1. Great points Kevin! I read the book and while its an interesting read, I too wanted to emphasize that it is FICTION. Lest we forget.

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