Richie Can Refute A Heretic.

raised hands.Each Friday, I speak/lead worship during the chapel hour at the Christian school where I’m a 6th-12th grade Bible teacher.  For the final 5 Fridays of the school year, I have been teaching the students (K-12…in one room…it’s a challenging teaching environment, needless to say…) 5 characteristics/qualities about Jesus, based on Colossians 1:15-20.  Over the last 3 weeks we have looked at the following:

  • Jesus is fully God and fully man, in one person, and he will be so forever. (vv. 15, 19)
  • Jesus is eternal. (vv. 16-17; cf. Isa. 6; John 8:58; 12:41)
  • Jesus is sovereign (in control, for the K-8th graders :-)). (v. 16, 17b; cf. Matt. 8:23-27)

Today, at the beginning of my time with them I decided to review to see what they actually have retained.  I began by saying, “You guys remember the first week when I said that ‘Jesus is half God and half man, in one person’…that’s what I said, right?!”  Not even a second later, a first-grader named Richie raised his hand high in the air and was yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

I responded, “Richie, what did I say?”

Richie, in classic first-grade broken English said, “You said Jesus was…full God…and full man!”

I said, “In one person, and he will be so forever, right?!”

Richie said, “Yeah!”

Today, I’m praising God, 3 weeks later, that he has given a first-grader the capacity to understand and retain truth concerning his only Son, Jesus.  I’m also praying that pastors would teach their people sound doctrine, with enthusiasm, that they may KNOW the Savior, Jesus, in whom they have placed their faith!

Below are some great resources on the person of Christ that have been a great help to me:

Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

The Incomparable Christ by John Stott


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