I love book giveaways. So, I thought I’d try, as much as I’m able, to make that a regular occurrence here on the blog.

The first giveaway features the book Unfashionable by Tullian Tchividjian.  The topic of contextualization has been a much debated and discussed issue among Christians.  Tchividjian’s Unfashionable proves to be a helpful voice on the issue.  Tim Keller writes in the book’s forward:

“Here you will learn how we must contextualize, how we Christians should be as active in Hollywood, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, and Harvard Square (if not more) than the halls of Washington, DC. And yet, there are ringing calls to form a distinct, ‘thick’ Christian counter-culture as perhaps the ultimate witness to the presence of the future, the coming of the Kingdom.”

Overall, as the books liner reads, “Unfashionable explains what it means to be out of style in culture — to be aligned with God’s ways with regard to community, lifestyle, work, money, relationships, worship, and the church.  The power of reclaiming an authentic “out-of-this-world” presence is that Christians can once again become a powerful renovating force for God in the world.”

Click here to read my review of Tchividjian’s most recent book, Surprised by Grace.


1.) Follow me on Twitter. @kevinfiske

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3.) Leave a comment on this post telling me that you’ve completed steps 1 & 2.

I’ll announce the random winner on Monday 8/30!

*Don’t forget to tune in to Pastor Tullian on DesiringGod LIVE this Wednesday night, August 25, from 7-9pm CT.



  1. Hi Kevin – I completed the first two steps and am looking forward to reading unfashionable. Really enjoyed Pastor Tullian’s ‘Surprised by Grace’ and find his tweets to be some on the most gospel insightful on twitter. Thanks for the opp here and have a blessed day IN Christ Jesus!!! Bernie

  2. I’ve followed you on Twitter and retweeted he post.

    I was once a part of the distinct, ‘thick’ Christian counter-culture of the late 1980’s and 1990’s that morphed into the “official Christian culture’ of today and ended up both shocked and disillusioned at what eventually happened. If I have had the insight to have seen further ahead….. I would have never contributed my time, energies, prayers, money, etc… I would have done it way differently by choosing to be out of style in culture — to be aligned with God’s ways via the true meanings of the Scriptures with regard to community, lifestyle, work, money, relationships, worship, and the church in the name of authenticity.

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