I am presently reading through John Piper’s latest book, Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God. As I have done in the past, my full review of the book will be forthcoming. For now, I hope these quotations from the book are encouraging. Maybe they’ll even peak your interest in such a way that you’ll grab a copy of Think for yourself!  Below, you may also check out a video trailer for the book.  Enjoy!

“Thinking is one of the important ways that we put the fuel of knowledge on the fires of worship and service to the world.” (p. 15)

“I will suggest that loving God with the mind means that our thinking is wholly engaged to do all it can to awaken and express the heartfelt fullness of treasuring God above all things. Treasuring God is the essence of loving him, and the mind serves this love by comprehending (imperfectly and partially, but truly) the truth and beauty and worth of the Treasure.” (p. 19)

“The aim of this book is to encourage serious, faithful, humble thinking that leads to the true knowledge of God, which leads to loving him, which overflows in loving others.” (p. 20)

“…the mind serves to know the truth that fuels the fires of the heart.” (p. 36)

“If you cannot embrace the pain of learning but must have instant gratification, you forfeit the greatest rewards of life.” (p. 47)

“There is no reason to believe that a person who thinks without prayerful trust in God’s gift of understanding will get it. And there is no reason to believe that a person who waits for God’s gift of understanding without thinking about his Word will get it either. Both-and. Not either-or.” (p. 65)

“There is no way to awaken faith or strengthen faith that evades thinking.” (p. 66)

“Saving faith is “reasonable” in the sense that there are real reasons to support it. It is not based on a figment of the imagination. Its basis is the glory of Christ in the gospel. It is a real gospel and a real glory.” (p. 75)

“No amount of reasoning or historical argument alone can produce spiritual sight in the blind. This is the limit of thinking. Nevertheless, the rational proclamation and comprehension of the gospel facts are indispensable.” (pp. 76-77)

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