Clearing Up Confusion About Calvinism. [GIVEAWAY]

For regular readers of the blog, I will be posting the next installment in “The Gospel & The Person of Christ” series in the days ahead.  For now, I wanted to let you in on an exciting new book from InterVarsity Press…

Ten Myths About Calvinism, a new release from InterVarsity Press and Kenneth J. Stewart (professor of theological studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia), aims to debunk some of the myths that commonly surround the person of John Calvin and “Calvinism” in order to “[recover] the breadth and depth of the Reformed tradition.”  [Be sure to read the end of the post to find out how you can win a copy the book from IVP!]

About the Book

Historian of Christianity Ken Stewart is intent on setting the record straight about Reformed theology. He identifies ten myths held by either or both Calvinists and non-Calvinists and shows how they are gross mischaracterizations of that theological stream. Certain of these persistent stereotypes that defy historical research often present a truncated view of the depth and breadth of the Reformed tradition. Others, although erroneous, are nevertheless used to dismiss outright this rich body of biblical theological teaching.

Some key questions Stewart explores in this provocative, informative and thoroughly researched book:

  • Is the role reserved for John Calvin possibly exaggerated?
  • Are there improper, as well as proper uses of the doctrine of predestination?
  • To what extent is the popular acronym, T.U.L.I.P. a helpful device, and to what extent is it detrimental in encapsulating key doctrines?
  • Should the Calvinist position towards movements of spiritual renewal be one of support, or one of suspicion?
  • Didn’t Calvinism more or less ‘bring up the rear’ in advancing the cause of world mission?
  • Doesn’t the Calvinist approach to Christianity encourage the belief that the redeemed will be saved irrespective of their conduct?
  • Doesn’t the Calvinist track-record show an at-best mixed legacy on critical issues such as race and gender relations?
  • Hasn’t the Calvinist concept of the church’s role vis-à-vis the state tended toward theocracy?
  • Isn’t it true that Calvinistic expressions of Christianity have been a damper on the creative arts, whether the theater or painting or sculpture?

Ten Myths About Calvinism is sure to enrich both promoters and detractors, students and scholars.

[From the Publisher]

Additionaly, The Gospel Coalition is featuring a great post by Stewart addressing the myth of a dim view of revival often attributed to Calvinists.  READ POST.


IVP is kindly giving away several copies of Ten Myths About Calvinism through Wednesday (3/2/11).  You can win one of two ways:

  • TEN MYTHS QUIZ: First, click here to test your knowledge of John Calvin/Calvinism by taking their quiz.  They’ll select 3 winners from those who answer all the questions correctly.
  • TWITTER CONTEST: You can also enter via Twitter by tweeting/RTing something to the effect of: “Test your knowledge of Calvinism & win a free book from @ivpress! RT w/ #tenmythsquiz for more chances to win!”  — IVP will pick 3 winners Tuesday & Wednesday from those who tweet, and each will receive a free copy of the book.

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