Get To Know Cruciform Press.

Cruciform Press, a new, creative, gospel-centered publisher has released a 109-page sampler which includes excerpts from their first 6 books.  It’s available for preview or free PDF download here.  Take a look!

I’ve mentioned Dan Cruver’s Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father, one of Cruciform’s excellent releases, here on the blog.  It’s a book I highly recommend, and one featured in the sampler.

One of the great aspects of Cruciform is their book subscription offer.  They release a new book at the beginning of every month.  For a small price, you can purchase a subscription to receive their publications on a regular basis.  I’ve taken part in their eBook subscription offer ($3.99/mo.) and have greatly enjoyed it!  Regularly releasing books that are rich in gospel theology and practicality, Cruciform Press is a publisher you should know!

Get to know more about Cruciform Press here.

Follow Cruciform Press on Twitter here.


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