KOINONIA BLOG TOUR: “Following Jesus, The Servant King”

Following JesusHave you ever wondered how to preach Leviticus? Or how to apply the Old Testament’s ethical teaching? Or how we as Christians relate to the various biblical covenants? If so, this book can help beef up the biblical-theological horsepower under your hood so that you are able to accurately explain and apply the whole Bible.” – 9Marks review of Following Jesus, The Servant King

Through the first week of April we will be running a blog tour for Following Jesus, and today is your chance to sign up!

Lunde’s book is intended to provide a way of framing Christian discipleship that takes seriously the entire scope of the Biblical narrative.

As Scot McKnight said in an announcement about Following Jesus on his blog Jesus Creed, “Instead of focusing on spiritual disciplines or the Sermon on the Mount, Jon Lunde focuses on who Jesus is and lets discipleship flow from the identity of Christ in the covenant context of the Bible. The questions he’s asking are about Jesus as Servant (grace) who is also King (demand). Both are shaped by the covenant God has made with us.

If you are interested in participating in this blog tour, here are the details. Reviewers will be sent a copy of Following Jesus, The Servant King and reviews will need to go up on your personal blog and an online retailer of your choice (CBD, B&N, Amazon, etc.) during the first week of April.

Only the first fifty entries will be registered, and duplicate entries will be deleted.

To enter, sign up here!

CLICK HERE to read my review of Grant Osborne’s “Matthew” in the ZECNT Series, from Koinonia’s last blog tour.

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