Hey, youth pastors…Just in case you were planning on giving something away to your graduating seniors, I wanted to pass along some info on what looks to be a pretty solid book (at least one that is incredibly well endorsed…).  Check out the link below to



The book is cheap as it is ($10.04/copy)…but if you order 10 or more, you get an extra 5% off.  Here are just a few of the endorsements…

“Writing from the perspective of both a parent and a professor,
Alex presents a practical guide on how students can spiritually and
intellectually thrive during their college years. This book will be
required reading for all three of my children.”
TULLIAN TCHIVIDJIAN, senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian

“Written by an ‘insider’—a former student, now a professor—this book
addresses all the issues a student might face. It will be an excellent gift
for all high school seniors.”
DR. JERRY BRIDGES, best-selling author of The Pursuit of Holiness


“College represents one of the most strategic transitional moments in the
lives of most young Christians. In this book, Alex provides good wisdom
and sound, practical advice to young Christians seeking to navigate the
world of higher education while simultaneously maturing into faithful
DR. R. ALBERT MOHLER JR., president of the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary

“When Alex talks about thriving at college, he speaks from
experience. He has spent a lot of time on campus: from undergrad
to professor. Put all of that together, along with a wide knowledge of
Scripture, and you have the ideal author of a really helpful book.”
DR. MICHAEL HORTON, professor at Westminster Seminary California

“Most Christian young people go to college without specific goals and
are unprepared for the challenges that await them. While some prosper
spiritually, most get derailed, and an alarming number abandon their
faith. Alex has written an insightful and useful book to help collegebound
people know what to expect, how to prepare for it, and what
to do to avoid the pitfalls.”
RANDY ALCORN, best-selling author of Heaven



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