I am a big fan of ReformedForum.  I am also a big fan of the Chicago Cubs, but there’s not much worth talking about there…  Anyway, if you are unfamiliar with ReformedForum’s weekly pod/vodcast Christ the Center: Doctrine for Life, or the wealth of free resources they offer at their site, ReformedForum.org, I highly recommend you bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed.

One of their offerings is entitled, “Reformed Forum Express”.  A collection of brief but substantial summaries of various theological topics and issues.  In the video below, Dr. Lane G. Tipton notes the dangers of confusing the Law and the Gospel, the uses of the Law, and the good news that Christ has accomplished salvation on behalf of the elect, apart from their works.

CLICK HERE to view the post at ReformedForum.org, and offer your comments or questions as they relate to the video.


2 thoughts on “TIPTON ON LAW & GOSPEL.

  1. I’m really excited about Reformed Forum’s upcoming East of Eden podcast which will focus on Jonathan Edwards’ redemptive-historical theology. Very exciting stuff!

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