I’m excited to be a part of the upcoming blog tour for Darrell Bock’s new volume on Luke-Acts, hosted by Koinonia/Zondervan Academic.  As registration for the tour just opened up this morning, I wanted to share with you the opportunity to participate as well.  CLICK HERE (sorry, the blog tour has reached its participant limit) to head over to Koinonia for more information and to get registered.

The tour itself will run from July 23-27, 2012.  Check back here during the tour for my review which will focus on a particular portion of the book.

Below is a description of the book from the publisher, alongside a brief interview with Bock on the importance of Luke-Acts and its place in the canon of Scripture.

Publisher’s Description: Zondervan’s Biblical Theology of the New Testament Series has for years provided pastors, students, and readers with valuable analyses of New Testament books and their contents. In this latest installment, Darrell L. Bock examines Luke and Acts, drawing from his years of experience in biblical theory and interpretation to write an informative resource sure to prove invaluable for seekers of holistic biblical understanding.

A Theology of Luke and Acts identifies and evaluates the contribution of Luke, both to the New Testament and to the Bible as a whole text. Bock aims to demonstrate Luke’s significance and his influence in the development of theological discourse.

Features include:

  • Lukan themes and thematic relevance
  • Interpretation and significance of language and vocabulary
  • Contextual importance of Luke’s placement in the Bible Continuing the valuable tradition of the Biblical Theology of the New Testament Series, Bock’s theories regarding Luke and Acts will prove a lasting resource for pastors and aspiring biblical scholars alike.

Read inside (PDF): Sample Pages


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