Post-Election Gospel Sanity

Now that the 2012 Presidential Election has passed, and President Obama has been re-elected to a second term of office, the opinions and reactions of many people are flooding virtually every media outlet.  Whether it is a blog, Twitter, Facebook, or any other variety of instant publication, as soon as the results were announced, the statements started to fly…some helpful, others unhelpful.

For many, the re-election of President Obama comes with grave concern.  The President’s stance on abortion, his views on the constitution of marriage, his economic policy, only to name a few, all warrant a high level of concern.  The post-election question for followers of Christ is: How are we to respond in light of the gospel and God’s holy Word?

Several pastors and bloggers have brought a level of gospel sanity to the post-election discussion and I wanted to mention a few that I have found to be particularly encouraging…

  • Scotty Smith has offered two prayers; yesterday and today, Smith posted exemplary petitions in light of God’s sovereignty and Scriptural instruction.  Here are excerpts of both:

Yesterday, Smith wrote: “On this Election Day, we bow to you and cast our votes. The brokenness in our country, hearts and world leads us to cry out, “How long, Oh, Lord? How long before you return, Lord Jesus, and finish making all things new?” Until that Day, we will seek to “Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.” (1 Pet. 2:7). We will seek to live as good citizens of two kingdoms—the city of man and the City of God. We will seek to adorn the gospel and serve you faith-fully, wherever you place us in the community and culture.” Keep reading…

Today, in light of 1 Peter 2:11-17, Scotty writes: “Father, may we fear you 1000 times more than we are either excited this morning or are quite disappointed by the outcome of the election. You alone are God; you are in the heavens and you do whatever pleases you. As your servants, may we prove the wonders of Jesus’ love this very day, and tomorrow, and the next, far as the curse is found. So very Amen we pray, in the exalted and triumphant name of Jesus.” Keep reading…

“Christians, above all people, should pray for and show respect for our President and all of our elected officials. After all, unlike those who see politics as ultimate, we recognize that our political structures are important, but temporal, before an inbreaking kingdom of Christ. We don’t then need to be fomented into the kind of faux outrage that passes for much of contemporary political discourse. And, unlike those who see history as impersonal or capricious, we see behind everything a God who is sovereign over his universe.”  Keep reading…

  • Kevin DeYoung weighed in with a prayer for the President, which he wrote for either man, before the outcome was announced:

DeYoung writes:  “Make him a defender of the unborn, a protector of marriage, and a champion for religious liberty.

Make him a man of prayer and a daily student of the Scriptures.

Give him humility to admit his faults, forgive his enemies, and change his mind.

Lead him to a firm understanding of the truth of the gospel, a resolute commitment to obey the Word of God, and a passion to promote what accords with your truth.

By your grace, heavenly Father, may our President be a better man than so many expect and a better man than we deserve.

In the name of Jesus our Lord, let it be.” Keep reading…

May we be those who join these men in praying for our nation and our President in light of the gospel and the Holy Scriptures!


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