Criticizing Your Pastor Around Your Kids

Source: Click Photo

Source: Click Photo

The other day I made reference to an entry from The Treasury, a magazine published in the late 19th century. In the same article I mentioned last week, I found an interesting comment as it pertains to the danger of critical remarks we may make about our pastor(s) around our kids. The following is a good reminder about the weight of our words, specifically as they pertain to the spiritual leaders in our lives…

     “One word of unfavorable criticism upon your minister, or his preaching, will be remembered by your children when all the good you have said is forgotten. If you speak disparagingly, why may not your children speak disrespectfully, and thus by your criticisms you turn the Gospel into very foolishness, and a stumbling-block and a savor of death to some very dear to your heart. If your minister is in his place at all, it is as an ambassador for Christ, and so far as he preaches the Word, God will vindicate His servant and His message from every indignity and slight.”


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