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  1. Kevin,
    I am interested in your thoughts on the historicity of John’s gospel. I see that you outlined on Ramsey’s commentary and thought you may offer me some help here. What do you make of the “victorious” note near the end of John’s gospel contrasted with the “resolved-but-distressed” portrait of Christ (see esp. Mark 14:33). In John, we have the priestly prayer of Jesus where confidence, glory, and victory are obvious themes however when comparing this to the synoptic picture Jesus is resolved but ultimately abandoned (Mark 15:33-34). Even in the beginning of the gospel, we seem to see an early understanding of Jesus’ messianic identity and how this squares with the O.T. prophecies (John 1:45) something that doesn’t become clear until the end of the synoptics (Luke 24:25-27). I have had difficulty in understanding the “historicity” of some of the discourses in John because of these problems. I read Ramsay’s introduction to his commentary on John looking for help but it didn’t really address how to read John as “history” only that it is reasonable to view it as historical”. I am inclined to this view but would like help understanding how exactly we do this. I realize there is a problem with attempting a “harmony” between the gospels but surely we should be able to see how both pictures are plausibly historical. The most help I received thus far is that the synoptics record much of Jesus’ public teaching and John his more intimate private teaching but this does not quite explain all of my issues.
    Your help would be so appreciated!
    -Brad Blakeley

    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your question. I hope to have a brief response for you by the end of the day tomorrow. Just wanted you to know I saw your post and am planning on getting back to you.

      Hope you’re well!

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